The goal of Occupy is to compete over a singular zone that rotates to different positions on the map throughout the match.

Capture & occupy the rotating zone to score points
Contest zone to block other team from scoring
Zone eventually expires after 45sec
When zone expires, it reactivates in a new place
First team to reach 200 points wins


Work as a team to gain possession of the EURO Ball and take it to the enemy's base goal to score a point. First team to reach the score limit wins.

First team to score 8 points wins
Score at the goal
Shot Clock reaches zero, carrier dies
Ball respawns in middle of the map
In Overtime, first team to score wins

Turf War

Fight as a team to lock three zones throughout the map and be the first to reach the score limit.

Score 16 points to win
3 zones "capturable" per round
Short intermission between rounds
Overtime if both teams tie in last round


Battle to charge a single battery that exists in the map at your team’s base to 100%. First team to charge it multiple times and reach the score limit wins the match.

Grab the battery
Charge it at your base
Battery maintains charge
Defend 100% charge for 20 Seconds
Score 3 full charges to win