With two razor-sharp blades and an energy shotgun at her disposal, the Assassin excels in close-quarters-combat. Capable of grappling to any surface or target, dashing in any direction, and disorienting incoming enemies and projectiles, the Assassin is a deceptive enemy that can traverse the battlefield with a deadly grace.

Arc Blades

Coupled taser machetes with grapple.


Energy Shotgun with burst and charge firing modes.


Quickly strafe along move direction.

Flux Blast

Impulse grenade that displaces enemies and projectiles.


Damage attack reveals enemies, increases damage and life steal.


Hellion Alias Kitsune
Law Team Breakers
Dinah Mizrahi Birth Name Akane Ito
Haifa, Israel Birth Place Sapporo, Japan
5’6”, 121 lbs Size 5’5”, 125 lbs
19 Age 25
Valkyries Faction Shura Corp.
Hellion is as deadly as she is playful. She could have become angry or spiteful after her legs were blown off, but this irreverent teen moves too quickly to dwell on the past. She attacks her job with confidence that belies her age, and a competitive edge that keeps even her allies on their toes. But don't let her smile fool you. In the wink of an eye she'll slit the throat of a heinous criminal, then take a selfie to prove it. Description Kitsune has run the Shura Corporation with an iron fist since the day she stepped up as heir. Despite her youth, Kitsune acts with decisive finesse in the boardroom as much as the battlefield. Shrewd, solitary and occasionally sarcastic, her skill with a blade is matched only by her need for vengeance. With the full might of Shura Corp. behind her and her brother, Kintaro, backing her up, nothing will stand in her way.