The high-flying Battle Medic can rain explosives from up on high while simultaneously keeping multiple teammates alive. Their cohort of medical drones, a deadly grenade launcher, and a backup energy pistol allow the Battle Medic to weave between contributing to the carnage and helping their allies achieve greatness.


Grenade launcher with dual firing mode.


Burst fire energy pistol.


Traversal glide pack. Includes thrusters for vertical ascension.

Support Drones

Two drones that attach to heal two teammates.

Defense Grid

Protective dome-impulses enemies, heals and shields projectiles.


Tokki Alias Feng
Law Team Breakers
Seong Ji-yeon Birth Name Tsai Yan-Ting
Busan, South Korea Birth Place Taoyuan, Taiwan
5’7”, 129 lbs Size 5’9”, 151 lbs
25 Age 35
Valkyries Faction Shura Corp.
Tokki is a staunch supporter and believer in what the Valkyries stand for. Dedicating her education to medicine and medical technology, she would ultimately merge it with her childhood dream of being a Valkyrie and join up with them as an elite, front-line Battle Medic. Description Feng is the head of the Shura Corp.’s medical research laboratories in their secretive private security division. In the pursuit of scientific gain, he decided to conduct a dangerous experiment on himself which resulted in Feng requiring several cybernetic enhancements to his jaw and arm. Although it nearly killed him, his experiment was ultimately a success, and his newfound power could be the key to Shura Corp’s future global dominance.