An expert at precision combat, capable of unleashing a flurry of shots from simultaneously wielding two very different guns, the Gunslinger is a lethal marksman with unpredictable movement. Combined with the ability to teleport short distances, and a tactical knife that reveals enemy positions, the Gunslinger can rip through enemy defenses before they even knew he was there.


Semi-automatic pistol that 3d prints ammo.


Precision pistol with single or charged projectile.


Brief teleport in direction of movement.


Tactical blade used for scouting and as a weapon.


Auto barrage of bullets from both weapons. Unlimited ammo.


Abaddon Alias Faust
Law Team Breakers
Unknown Birth Name Dietrich Bauer
Unknown (believed from South America) Birth Place Nuremberg, Germany
6’0”, 172 lbs Size 6’2”, 170 lbs
Unknown (believed to be 30 - 40) Age 75
Archangels Faction The Syndicate
Abbadon is shrouded in mystery. He has no known medical history, birth certificate, or records of any kind. While he appears to be 30 - 40, his appearance hasn’t changed in the last two decades. All that is known about this mysterious figurehead is that he leads the Archangels, a group of vigilantes that the law enforcement agencies seem to tolerate. Description An infamous criminal who was thought to have been dead for many years, Faust's reemergence from the grave has thrown law enforcement agencies across the globe into disarray. Although his motivations and goals - like that of the The Syndicate who he represents - are largely unknown, what world authorities can all agree on is that he is extremely dangerous. Codenamed by those who have marked him as the world's most-wanted criminal, Faust wears his alias with pride.