Laser guns, laser boots, laser blasts. The Harrier wields intense energy as deftly as a martial artist wields their fists, not only using its power as a weapon, but also as a way to cut across the combat zone. Capable of dealing a constant stream of damage from a distance, the Harrier also provides their allies with a resupply point for them to rally towards.


Long-range persistent laser beam rifle.


Hadronium fused laser propulsion boots that enable omni-directional mobility.


Deploy-able station that provides Health and Fuel recharge to allies.


High-power unified laser beam that blasts out from the Harrier's core for a duration of time.


Sunshine Alias Baron
Law Team Breakers
Naomie Balewa Birth Name Emmanuel Mongerard
Birmingham, England Birth Place Jacmel, Haiti
5’7”, 127 lbs Size 5’10”, 149 lbs
21 Age 22
Archangels Faction Lifers
Naomie grew up as an orphan in the streets of Birmingham. Even as a child, she looked up to and wanted to become an Archangel. Now she’s fulfilled her dream and fights in their name, where her determination and compassion has quickly seen her rise to one of Abaddon’s most trusted allies. Description Emmanuel and his family enjoyed their lives in Haiti until TASC turned its attention on the nation. Caught in the middle of the conflict, Emmanuel was sent to prison. He bears a grudge against all of TASC, believing that they falsely represent justice, and while in prison he was quickly adopted by the Lifers. He’s now looking for his own form of justice against a group who he believes falsely represents it.