The fearsome Juggernaut units can barrel through defenses just as easily as they can take the punishment. With an armored protocol system and a deployable energy shield, Juggernauts can hold out long enough to get close, then finish their targets with a devastating shotgun and blade capable of tearing through any personal armor.


High damage pump-action shotgun.


Close quarter bayonette attached to the Instigator.


Sprint for faster traversal and leaping momentum.


Temporary shield wall. Deters enemy movement and deflects projectiles.

Armor Protocol

Armored plates increase protection and rate of fire.


Aegis Alias Nash
Law Team Breakers
A.E.G.I.S. Protocol Birth Name NashSentry v8.75
Pasadena Dynamics, California Keys Birth Place Manufacturing Location 1
7’2”, 402 lbs Size 7’0”, 595 lbs
3 Age 12
TASC Faction Lifers
Sleek, sexy, yet terrifying, these units were built with the latest advancements in materials and technology. They are not only psychologically and physically imposing, but they were built for maximum effectiveness and civilian safety in a time where the battle is being fought on the streets outside our homes. AEGIS units run on the frontline of TASC operations, offering their agents close combat shielding and support. Description Still functionally similar to the AEGIS units currently employed by law enforcement agencies across the US, NashSentry units are primitive in appearance and are made from less advanced alloys and metals. Brought to a local Lifers safe house, he was reprogrammed for Lifers use and was given a “personality”. All responses were replaced with lines from songs and movies from the late 20th century.