No one is as capable of pulverizing through the enemy's defensive line quite like the Titan. With a chain lightning gun and rocket launcher in tow, and the ability to lock enemies down with a dense gravity bomb, Titans can dispatch multiple enemies just as easily as a single one. Enrage them enough and they'll go into a berserker rage, unleashing a devastating stream of electrical mayhem while pushing their stamina to the limits.

Hammerhead Launcher

Rocket launcher that deals both splash and direct damage.


Lightning gun that chains to enemies. Deals damage over time.


Electric leap that deals damage on impact in an area.

Neutron Mine

Proximity mine that impedes speed of enemies.


Electric attack that amps damage output and health.


Bomchelle Alias Cronos
Law Team Breakers
Michelle Pellerin Birth Name Noah Maddox
Lafayette, LA, USA Birth Place Christianburg, Kentucky, USA
6’5”, 260 lbs Size 6’6”, 289 lbs
30 Age 28
TASC Faction Lifers
Bomchelle was born into a life of crime and became a celebrated MMA fighter. Sick of a life she'd never chosen, she rebelled and joined the TASC. She now channels her passion and rage into her work in law enforcement, making sure the only people faced with her destructive power are the ones who fully deserve it. Description It doesn’t take much of a charge to kill a person, but they run 2,000 volts through the electric chair to be on the safe side. And then there’s Cronos. Having survived the electric chair, it’s now his turn to play the torturer, and he won’t stop until the Law tastes the same hatred it turned on him.