Vanguards feature full-flight capabilities with afterburners strapped to their backs, a powerful tri-core cannon mounted to their suits, and an array of cluster grenades that can carpet a location in anti-personnel explosives. Once charged up, their suits can turn a Vanguard into a veritable fireball, capable of shattering enemies on impact and distorting gravity around them.


Gatling gun that becomes more accurate as you fire.


Fuel blast that inflicts damage and pushes enemies.


Allows for jet-like mobility via direction of aim.

Meteor Shells

Cluster of 5 grenades best used in combo w/ the Hydra.


Dive-bomb and leave low gravity pocket.


Maverick Alias Toska-9
Law Team Breakers
Erica Valencia Diaz Birth Name Lena Yevgenyevna Voronov
San Juan, Puerto Rico Birth Place Obninsk, Russia
5’7”, 135 lbs Size 5’6”, 139 lbs
27 Age 31
Valkyries Faction The Syndicate
Maverick is proud of her Latin heritage, of the Valkyrie insignia she wears, and of her collection of late 20th-century pop culture memorabilia -- right down to her call-sign, a throwback to one of her favorite old movies. Her best flight instructor may have felt she embodied too much of the recklessness associated with that name, but could never contest the passion she devotes to her job. Description A former Russian Air Force pilot recruited by the Valkyries, Toska-9 was top of her class until The Syndicate came calling with a lucrative offer that was too good to pass up. Disgusted by the Valkyrie preoccupation with justice, and looking for a payday, Toska-9 defected leaving a pile of bodies in her wake. An infamous contract killer with no remorse, Toska-9 knows the world is a place where her unique skills can earn her a lot of cash.