Armed with an automatic pistol in one hand and an explosive blade in the other, Wraiths can leap off walls and air pockets just as easily as they can slide through enemy defenses. To even the field of play when the odds aren't in their favor, Wraiths can tap into the dormant gravitational energy around them to distort time to slow their targets into submission.


Full-auto machine pistol.


Short sword with sharp dash.


Forward slide kick or backward evasive measure.


Ejected blade that detonates when shot.

Chrono Switch

Projection of time waves that temporarily slows enemies.


Deadlock Alias Helix
Law Team Breakers
Unknown Birth Name Unknown
Unknown (believed ‘somewhere’ from the Middle East) Birth Place Unknown (believed to be from New Zealand)
5’10”, 168 lbs Size 5’11”, 174 lbs
Unknown Age Unknown
Archangel Faction The Syndicate
Masked heroes typically exude an air of mystery and intrigue, and then there’s Deadlock. While he is a bit of a daredevil who revels in putting his life on the line, he can be a bit of a dork and believes his masked persona makes him cooler than he actually is. That all said, he may not actually ooze cool, but at least he can back up his ego with incredible skill. Description Cold, calculated and precise, Helix handles his affairs with The Syndicate with the utmost professionalism and never leaves a paper trail. Law enforcement intelligence agencies have yet to officially link him with any crime, or even unmask his true identity, but they suspect that he is a weaponized Hadronium dealer who works for The Syndicate as Faust’s right-hand man.