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LawBreakers is going to PAX West


We’re going to PAX West! We’re bringing LawBreakers to Seattle September 2nd - 5th where you’ll get a chance to play an Alpha build of the game at the Alienware Booth (#223). We’ll also be part of Alienware’s TV LiveStream on Twitch.TV happening each day of PAX West.

Gamescom Recap


Gamescom has wrapped up and it was an amazing experience! Our friends at ESL, Logitech G, and Alienware made it possible for over 7700 individual fans to play an alpha build LawBreakers at the booth.

Gamescom LawBreakers Show Match


This Friday at 6pm - 8pm CEST (9-11am PDT / noon-2pm EDT) LawBreakers will be hosting a live Show Match from the Gamescom ESL mainstage! We’ll have teams of dedicated fans square off against each other in a series of tournament-style Turf War matches.

Alpha Phase 1 Recap and What's Next


Hundreds of thousands of players signed up to join the gravity induced chaos in LawBreakers throughout the summer. In just a little over a couple weekends, people from around the world battled in intense FPS combat for over 1.6 million minutes (that's over 25,000 hours!) and captured objectives over 500,000 times.

Modes that Matter


Game modes are fast-paced, sports-inspired and cut-throat. Moments of intense drama and clutch last second scores are hallmarks in all LawBreakers modes. You must coordinate with your team to crush the opposition, or be crushed under the weight of superior strategy and skill.

Killer Roles


LawBreakers features a diverse array of roles, each with their own set of unique abilities, backstory, and motivations. Take up arms as any one of the many symmetrical characters and choose your path as either one of the Law or one of the Breakers.

Gravity Defying Maps


LawBreakers Maps will make you rethink what works in a shooter, incorporating large areas of open and vertical space. Gone are the days of moving through and camping the same narrow hallways just to get around.

LawBreakers is coming to Gamescom!


Gamescom is one of the largest gaming conventions in the world with crowds of more than 345,000 showing up to celebrate a shared passion for video games. We can think of no better place to bring LawBreakers to the fans!

Vanguard Role - Developer Tips


Vanguards are highly mobile fighters that fly above the battle and rain down destruction on their enemies.

New Video - Play The Vanguard


The Vanguard is highly mobile and flies above the battle to rain destruction on their enemies! Keep your eyes out for Maverick and Toska-9 when you're in battle- you don't want to be caught in their line of fire.

FINAL ALPHA WEEKEND - Play to win an Alienware X51 PC!


This LawBreakers Alpha is coming to a close and we want Alpha #6 to be the biggest test yet. Check out the details below for more info on what to expect and see how you can win an Alienware gaming PC!

Titan Role - Developer Tips


The Titan is the unstoppable force of a LawBreakers team. With high health, massive physical power and an arsenal of deadly weapons, destruction is the only outcome to an encounter, especially in closed areas.

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