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FINAL ALPHA WEEKEND - Play to win an Alienware X51 PC!


This LawBreakers Alpha is coming to a close and we want Alpha #6 to be the biggest test yet. Check out the details below for more info on what to expect and see how you can win an Alienware gaming PC!

Titan Role - Developer Tips


The Titan is the unstoppable force of a LawBreakers team. With high health, massive physical power and an arsenal of deadly weapons, destruction is the only outcome to an encounter, especially in closed areas.

New Video - Play The Titan


Whether you're faced against Bomchelle on the Law side or Cronos on the Breakers side, you better watch your six. The Titan's are beastly, electrifying, and dangerous as hell. You DON'T want to get in their way!

Play in the Longest Upcoming Alpha Weekend Ever!


The Alpha tests have been going well and thousands of players are coming to check out LawBreakers. We’ve been actively iterating on the game based on your feedback, tweaking movement speeds, cooldowns, balancing role abilities & weapons, experimenting with health regen, a new map & mode and much more.



Attention LawBreakers - Welcome to Closed Alpha Patch 0.5.1, our first “hotfix” update featuring our longest closed alpha test to date...

Assassin Role - Developer Tips


The Assassin relies on enhanced mobility to hunt down enemies and deliver devastating blows with her Arc Blades before her prey has a chance to fight back. The menacing dual-wielded weapons work as both a close quarters slashing blade as well as a grappling hook for enhanced mobility.

New Video - Play The Assassin


The Assassin is a very fast and deadly role in LawBreakers. She relies on enhanced mobility via her grappling hooks to hunt down enemies across the map. Once she is in range she delivers devastating blows with her Arc Blades before her prey has a chance to fight back.



Attention LawBreakers - Welcome to Closed Alpha Patch 0.5, featuring our new mode TURF WAR and a handful of balance tweaks...

Enforcer Role - Developer Tips


Enforcers are the run and gun fighters in LawBreakers with a hearty balance of health & agility who are able to hold their own against all the other roles.

New Turf War Game Mode Is Here!


Turf War is a new fast-paced game mode that brings a whole new dimension to the world of LawBreakers. It’s Domination on steroids.

Alpha Weekend - Play New Turf War Game Mode!


Thousands of players came to check out the new Promenade map earlier this month and we’re excited to follow it up with the release of our new mode, Turf War! Turf War will be the only playable game mode this weekend, pitting the Law against the Breakers in a frantic race to capture zones across the map, lock them down, and score a point to gain the upper-hand.

New Video - Play The Enforcer


Whether you are a LAW or BREAKER - get your run n’ gun fix by playing Axel or Kintaro. Kick ass from afar with the Enforcer role by using the Aerator Rifle, get close by using the Badger Shock Pistol and finish off your foes with the shoulder-mounted Bloodhound Launcher.

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