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LawBreakers Faux Movie Poster Alpha Key Contest


Want to play in the LawBreakers Closed Public Alpha? Do you have a good imagination and the ability to boot up a graphics program like Photoshop or Gimp?



Attention LawBreakers - Welcome to Closed Alpha Patch 0.4, part 2 of our "game-feel" changes that update movement and ability cooldowns...

Alpha 3 Test lets you fight in the new Santa Monica Promenade Map!


The team is thrilled to have you test our new Santa Monica Promenade map this weekend! Located on Santa Monica Island in the new California Keys, this popular tourist destination surrounded by gravity-defying skyscrapers turns into chaos whenever forces from the Law and the Breakers clash.

LawBreakers gets two Game Critics Awards Nominations!


The Game Critics Awards “Best of E3” nominations have been announced. LawBreakers is nominated for “Best Action Game” and “Best Online Multiplayer”!

LawBreakers at RTX in Austin, TX July 1-3


awBreakers is coming to RTX! We’ve been at several events this year and this one is going to rock just as hard. First and foremost the game will be playable at the Twitch booth each day with our new map and new mode!

Closed Alpha Patch Notes 0.3 [June 24, 2016]


Attention LawBreakers - Welcome to Closed Alpha Patch 0.3, the one where we bump base movement speed up for all roles...

The Next Alpha Test is Coming Fast - June 25th!


The LawBreakers Team has been listening and we're actively exploring changes to movement speeds, the Enforcer's Aerator rifle, experimenting with different healing solutions, and more.

Prepare for LawBreakers - Dev Tutorial Vids Are Here!


Are you ready to fight gravity? Watch these excellent tutorial videos from the LawBreakers Devs before you jump into the fight.

Closed Alpha Patch Notes: 0.2 [June 17, 2016]


Greetings LawBreakers - Welcome to Closed Alpha Patch 0.2, featuring a whole lot of fixes, some balance changes, and few new additions...

1st Alpha Test Weekend Has Ended: June 18 and June 19


The LawBreakers Team opened the flood gates during E3 for our Closed Public Alpha tests! Below is everything you needed to know to before you joined that first test...

Alpha comes with Giveaways, Contests and more!


That's right, the LawBreakers team is giving out some insanely cool Logitech gear, and arming Twitch.TV streamers and YouTubers with keys to celebrate the launch of the LawBreakers’ Closed Public Alpha.

Get Tips on Navigating the Gravity-based Gameplay!


The LawBreakers team put together a series of videos that show how each role can dominate opponents while navigating across a violent vertical landscape. Check out these quick videos below to see the benefits of trying every role in LawBreakers, and tips on how to gain an edge in the fight.

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