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Closed Alpha Patch Notes: 0.2 [June 17, 2016]


Greetings LawBreakers - Welcome to Closed Alpha Patch 0.2, featuring a whole lot of fixes, some balance changes, and few new additions...

1st Alpha Test Weekend Has Ended: June 18 and June 19


The LawBreakers Team opened the flood gates during E3 for our Closed Public Alpha tests! Below is everything you needed to know to before you joined that first test...

Alpha comes with Giveaways, Contests and more!


That's right, the LawBreakers team is giving out some insanely cool Logitech gear, and arming Twitch.TV streamers and YouTubers with keys to celebrate the launch of the LawBreakers’ Closed Public Alpha.

Get Tips on Navigating the Gravity-based Gameplay!


The LawBreakers team put together a series of videos that show how each role can dominate opponents while navigating across a violent vertical landscape. Check out these quick videos below to see the benefits of trying every role in LawBreakers, and tips on how to gain an edge in the fight.

Press and Streamers Hands-on with LawBreakers: See What They Said!


It’s been an incredible experience creating a game for fans of first-person shooters. We gave a taste of what’s to come in LawBreakers to select press, YouTubers and Twitch streamers, and they’ve released their impressions!

A Cast of Killers - Roles in LawBreakers


LawBreakers features a diverse array of roles, each with their own set of unique abilities, backstory, and motivations. Take up arms as any one of the many symmetrical characters and choose your path as either one of the Law or one of the Breakers.

Gravity Induced Chaos - Gravity's Impact on Modes, Maps, and More!


With a diverse array of gravity-defying maps, highly competitive game modes, and unique abilities, LawBreakers is designed to shatter your notion of what it means to be a multiplayer first-person shooter.

A World Reimagined – LawBreakers Game Info


LawBreakers is a highly-competitive multiplayer first-person shooter focused around guns, gravity, and a dizzying array of fresh new gameplay mechanics brought to you by industry veteran Cliff Bleszinski and the experienced team of developers at Boss Key Productions.

Alpha Registration Live


Violent and vertical FPS multiplayer combat may be at your fingertips soon! Register now for a chance to participate in Alpha tests that will help provide our developers with valuable feedback on content and gameplay.

Lawbreakers at PAX


We stormed into PAX East this year with a massive booth and playable demo on the show floor! Activities included a panel, playable demos, top player matches, giveaways, prizes, SWAG, collectibles, and more!