New Turf War Game Mode Is Here!


Turf War is a new fast-paced game mode that brings a whole new dimension to the world of LawBreakers. It’s Domination on steroids. Can you capture the marked zones across the map and hold onto them until a victor is declared? It’ll take teamwork and strategy, not just accuracy with a weapon, to come out on top.




Here’s how it works:


1: Each map has three zones that you must capture. The zone closest to your base will always be listed as “A”. “B” is in the middle of the map and “C” closest to the enemy base.


2: When the match begins, capture and lock any zone by standing inside of the marked area. If an enemy is also inside the zone, it cannot be locked.


3: Once all three zones are locked a 30 second ‘Intermission’ will begin and a point awarded to the teams for each zone they were able to lock.


4: During the intermission, the zones remain locked. Killing an enemy during this time will give you a bonus that decreases the amount of time it takes you (not the team) to capture a zone in the next round. The more enemies your team eliminates, the faster you’ll take zones in the next round.


5: After the Intermission the zones are reset and the battle for control starts over. Sitting through a  respawn timer at the beginning of a round gives the enemy team a huge advantage.


6: The first team to reach 13 points wins. If teams are tied at 12-12, there will be a tiebreaker round. The first team to lock two zones wins.  


Turf War will be available to play starting with the next Alpha Test. We want to hear your feedback! Join the conversation on our Discord chat server or the official LawBreakers forums And let us know what you think!


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