Enforcer Role - Developer Tips


Enforcers are the run and gun fighters in LawBreakers with a hearty balance of health & agility who are able to hold their own against all the other roles.



When entering combat, the Enforcer’s offensive capabilities are enhanced by a Distortion Field to increase movement, fire and reload speeds for a short time. Distortion Field also affects nearby teammates, making the Enforcer someone you always want to travel with on the battlefield. This ability allows them to quickly jump into combat with enhanced firepower or get out of a dangerous situation when needed. The accuracy and range of the Aerator plus the Bloodhound Rockets quickly bring the fight to the enemy from a wide variety of ranges. When enemies get too close, the Badger Shock Pistol is a devastating weapon at short ranges.


When an Enforcer’s Distortion Field is activated, teammates within range also receive speed, fire and reload speed boosts. Enforcers also support their team with Electromag Charge, an ability that temporarily prevents enemies from using their own special abilities. A well timed Distortion Field or Electromag Charge can be critical to winning an engagement. Whether it’s a one-on-one slugfest, or a chaotic teamfight, you’ll want an Enforcer watching your back.




Law: Axel - Axel is the cog that keeps the wheels of TASC wheels moving at manic speeds. With his array of gadgets and weaponry, he is fully-equipped to handle anything enemies throw at him.


Breaker: Kintaro - Enforcer by day, party animal by night, Kintaro is the typical rich sociopathic socialite and loves every damned second of it. Others merely exist, or doesn't, for his amusement.


Weapons & Abilities

Primary - Aerator Rifle

The Aerator assault rifle was developed to address the many shortcomings in traditional firearms. The spherical magazine was designed to provide superior stability in anomalous gravity. An unintended side effect of the ammo design is that as the magazine is expended, each round does more damage.  


Secondary - Badger Shock Pistol

The Badger was designed to be a safe and effective close quarters law enforcement tool, vastly improving upon the neuromuscular incapacitation abilities of legacy electroshock weapons. The Badger is the go-to weapon for any close-range fight.


Shift - Distortion Field

The Distortion Field allows the Enforcer to manipulate local gravity causing a spacetime distortion. This increases his movement, firing and reload speeds and shares those effects with any friendlies who come into range of the field.


E - Electromag Charge

The Electromag Charge is a useful crowd control weapon, allowing the user to disrupt enemy systems, effectively preventing ability use by any opponents caught within the residual energy field.


Q - Bloodhound Rockets

The Enforcer’s shoulder-mounted launcher is known, and feared, for its arsenal of Bloodhound Rockets. Designed after their namesake animal, once they lock on, they relentlessly seek out and tear apart their targets with ease. The rockets can be fired after they are initialized by pressing the Q key a second time. If too much time passes, they will fire on their own even if no target is locked. Enemies killed by the Enforcer will drop supplies that can replenish Bloodhound Rockets faster than their normal recharge rate.



  • The Enforcer is a well-rounded role that should be included on every team. With the highly accurate Aerator backed with the punch of Bloodhound rockets, the Enforcer is able to bring a lot of firepower to an engagement.

  • The speed boost of the Distortion Field allows for quick escapes or sudden attacks and also enhances your own team’s firing, movement and reload speeds, a game-changer at the correct time.



  • The Enforcer is neither the most armored, nor the fastest of the roles. If you get in too close to a Titan or Assassin, you may have a hard time escaping alive.

  • The Bloodhound Rockets, while devastating, require time to lock onto a target. Without a lock, your rockets will fire blindly and will need to recharge before they can be used again.


Tips and Tricks

  • The Bloodhound rockets recharge over time. If you wait until all four of your rockets are ready to fire before hitting Q, you will do a lot more damage when you hit your target.

  • In a team fight, help out your team by activating your Electromag Charge. This prevents enemies in range from using their own abilities for a short time and enhances your own team as well. This is especially useful in doorways and hallways where enemies can’t avoid the effects.

  • The Enforcer can haul ass if he activates his Distortion Field in a Zero-G zone, then uses blind-fire with his Aerator. The combination of blindfire momentum combined with Distortion Field's speed enhancement allows him to temporarily rival the speeds of the fastest roles.