Assassin Role - Developer Tips


The Assassin relies on enhanced mobility to hunt down enemies and deliver devastating blows with her Arc Blades before her prey has a chance to fight back. The menacing dual-wielded weapons work as both a close quarters slashing blade as well as a grappling hook for enhanced mobility.



Using the grappling function of the Arc Blades, the Assassin is able to swing across large distances faster than any other role. If she is able to catch an opponent with her grappling hook, she will rapidly close the distance and be set up for a devastating attack.  


Her mobility does come with a cost. She is has the least health of her teammates, and as someone who needs to get up close to do damage, she must think quickly and only attack when the moment is right.



Law: Hellion

Breaker: Kitsune




Weapons & Abilities


Primary - Arc Blades

The Arc Blades’ unique construction allows the wielder to utilize the blades as a grappling hook, swinging around obstacles with the energy tether, or as a devastating melee weapon.


Secondary - Romerus

The Romerus is a high-powered energy shotgun, designed to inflict far superior damage over traditional ballistics. Additionally, the Romerus can supercharge a round allowing for a single devastating blast.


Shift - Dash

The Assassin’s incredible agility allows her to dash around opponents with ease, dodging projectiles, and concluding combat before it has a chance to begin.


E - Flux Blast

Flux Blast is an anomalous gravity weapon, designed to knock away opponents and deflect incoming projectiles, allowing the Assassin to execute an expedient escape.


Q - Frenzy

The Assassin can temporarily induce a state of frenzy, sharpening her senses to almost supernatural heights. She can will her body to rapidly regenerate wounds by feeding off the immense adrenaline provided by slaying her opponents and further prolong the effects of the frenzied state.



  • The Assassin is fast. She can cross any map in a short amount of time using her grappling hooks and run speed.

  • When fighting up close, the Assassin has an advantage when attacking from behaind or from the side of her targets. when fighting up close.



  • Due to her mobility, the Assassin’s health is not as high as other roles.

  • If the Assassin can’t close the distance, her  enemies can use their longer range or explosive firepower to overwhelm her due to her lower health.


Tips and Tricks

  • When using the Arc Blades, remember to click the left mouse button for each swing of the three hit combo. Each subsequent hit in the three chain combo will do more damage than the previous one. Holding the button will result in only one attack.

  • Grapple your enemies with the right mouse button. When you swing into range, left mouse button to attack and do additional grappling damage before initiating a three swing combo that will do a huge amount of damage to enemies with lots of health.  It will take practice to get the timing down.

  • Use the Flux Blast to deflect the Titan’s missiles when launched to avoid taking full damage. This ability can provide an opening for an escape when facing off against a Titan, especially in closed spaces.