Attention LawBreakers,



Welcome to Closed Alpha Patch 0.5.1, our first “hotfix” update featuring our longest closed alpha test to date! You all asked for longer testing windows, so we’re giving them to you as we continue to process your feedback from the previous test here at the studio.



- PT: Thursday, July 28th @ 9 AM PT to Sunday July 31st 6 PM PT

- ET: Thursday, July 28th @ 12 PM PT to Sunday July 31st 9 PM PT

- UTC: Thursday, July 28th @ 4 PM PT UTC to Monday August 1st 1 AM UTC

- AEST: Friday, July 29th @ 2 AM AEST to Monday August 1st 11 AM AEST



This test represents both maps (Grandview & Promenade) and both modes (Overcharge & Turf War) in rotation and will be up continuously over the next few days. We’ve added a “Quickmatch” button that will automatically search for a match, as there is no functionality right now to choose a specific mode or map.


Below you’ll find a short list of the hotfixes going into the game followed by the latest balance changes implemented in the last major patch 0.5.


Patch 0.5.1 Hotfixes

- Temporary “Quickmatch” button added for map & mode rotation during 0.5.1 test

- Both maps (Grandview & Promenade) playable in rotation

- Both modes (Overcharge & Turf War) playable in rotation

- Multiple crash bugs fixed


Previous Patch 0.5 Notes (delivered July 22, 2016)



- Increased alt-fire fuel consumption from 50% to 60%



- Removed melee tracking
- Romerus ideal damage range increased from 20 to 25 units (revert to Patch 0.3 values)



- Reduced duration of Neutron Mine slow field from 10 to 3 seconds
- Neutron Mine can now be destroyed before the slow field is triggered


New Stuff & Improvements:

- Introduction of new game mode: Turf War
- New "Leave Match" button
- Added informative bullet-point text to all character weapons & abilities
- Improved video settings
- Party invites can now be received while in a match
- Press Tab while in chat to switch between "Team" and "All-Chat"
- Experimenting with new anti-cheat solutions
- New Friend Online status


Bug Fixes:

- Fixed audio settings not being saved when restarting the game.
- Fixed game resolution and UI does not scaling when going from windowed to fullscreen.
- Fixed missing input when returning to game after alt-tabbing out, during map travel.
- Fixed issue where mouse horizontal and vertical sensitivity were not the same.
- Fixed error "quickmatch unsuccessful matchmaking for region DEV.
- Fixed long matchmaking times for parties.
- Fixed issue when players were not able to connect to LB correctly when using non-standard characters for their steam names.
- Fixed unicode characters not displaying with in-game chat.
- Fixed issue where disbanded party members would be stuck in matchmaking.


Known Issues:


- Players can be idle kicked during the end of match screens.
- Chain lightning remains attached to enemies.
- After joining a match on the fly, red outline is missing on enemies.


- Sliders set to zero will automatically reposition to 50%.
- Mouse exits game window when using Full Screen with dual monitors.
- Reset to Default button does not work.



- Connected controllers vibrate while playing with Keyboard and mouse.
- 'Left' and 'Right' arrow keys move the camera.
- Pressing 'Down' arrow key scrolls the key map page instead of remapping.



- Rebinding ability keys does not update keys on the HUD.
- Battery Capture message are sometimes out of order when immediately capturing battery after pickup.
- Death-cam HUD sometimes missing after switching Roles.
- Hit marker pips display when player spectator takes damage right before you respawn.
- Enemy character red outlines are missing for players who join a match in progress.
- Turf War Game HUD freezes when joining an existing match
- Game mode HUD says "Score 13 to Win" during Overtime, even when both teams have 13 points



- Map name in lobby screen sometimes displays "Untitled #".
- Party and party leader icon are always displayed, and overlapping, on Scoreboard.
- Player's names are being cut off on the in-game scoreboard.



- Stats are not saved for Players that leave a match before the match ends.
- Stats: Average Score and Distance Travelled is not being tracked.