Play in the Longest Upcoming Alpha Weekend Ever!



The Alpha tests have been going well and thousands of players are coming to check out LawBreakers. We’ve been actively iterating on the game based on your feedback, tweaking movement speeds, cooldowns, balancing role abilities & weapons, experimenting with health regen, a new map & mode and much more. 


Join our longest test ever starting this Thursday and ending Sunday, plus, check out the info below to get an understanding of everything you need before participating:



Alpha #5

24 Hours of Service

Starting: Thursday, July 28th at 9:00am PDT

Ending: Sunday, July 31st at 6:00pm PDT


EDT: Thursday, July 28th @ 12 PM EDT to Sunday July 31st 9 PM EDT

UTC: Thursday, July 28th @ 4 PM PT UTC to Monday August 1st 1 AM UTC

AEST: Friday, July 29th @ 2 AM AEST to Monday August 1st 11 AM AEST


Playable Content: Game Improvements, Promenade Map, Grandview Map, Turf War Game Mode, Overcharge Game Mode, 4 Roles (8 Characters)


If you still haven’t received Alpha access, be patient - many more tests and key giveaways will happen! Remember, each player who receives an Alpha key will be allowed to participate in every Public Alpha test.



As a reminder, feedback during the Public Alpha Test period is key to the game’s success. We hope everyone’s experience is smooth, but know that the game is still under construction, so we’re providing a number of ways to hear your thoughts:



LawBreakers Alpha Test Forum is the best and most standard way to provide feedback or you can join discord to hang out with other players and discuss the game during the test. Finally, don’t forget to check out the System Requirements section on the LawBreakers Steam Page before redeeming an Alpha key.

As always, please feel free to tap into our Support and review the FAQ for more information. Good luck and see you in Zero-G!



The LawBreakers Team