Titan Role - Developer Tips


The Titan is the unstoppable force of a LawBreakers team. With high health, massive physical power and an arsenal of deadly weapons, destruction is the only outcome to an encounter, especially in closed areas. When engaging the enemy, a Titan can use their Pulverize ability to leap into the fray and cause devastation to multiple targets. With the enemy team reeling, the Crisper lighting cannon or Hammerhead rockets add to the chaos before the Berserk ability is set off driving the Titan into a supplement-fueled rage that spells the end to anyone left standing.  



When you see a Titan coming your way, the best defense is to run.



Law: Bomchelle

Breaker: Cronos


Weapons & Abilities

Primary - Hammerhead

The Hammerhead is a decidedly modern take on pre-Shattering ballistic weaponry. It’s design incorporates a variety of technical innovations, including remote detonation, while still delivering the desired impact of an analog rocket launcher.


Secondary - Crisper

Known for its uncanny ability to turn opponents into sizzling heaps, the Crisper is a lightning cannon capable of frying its target and chaining to anyone unlucky enough to be caught nearby.


Shift - Pulverize

The Titan’s brutish strength allows them to leap large distances, crashing down upon opponents with bone-shattering results.


E - Neutron Mine

The Neutron Mine began life as a construction tool for anchoring building foundations against grav shifts. It quickly found use in combat as a tool for effectively slowing higher mobility opponents.


Q - Berserk

A cocktail of supplements, known on the streets as Berserk, send the user into an unbridled rage. When used by the Titan, their already brutish strength and size is magnified, turning them into a veritable wrecking ball for a short duration.



  • Titans have a very high level of health. It takes a lot to take one down.

  • Titans are able to engage multiple enemies at once by combining abilities. The slowing effects of a Neutron Mine paired with a well-timed Pulverize and followed up with the Crisper or Rockets, all of which damage more than one opponent at a time, can quickly eliminate opposing forces.



  • Due to their enhanced health and damage, the Titan’s movement ability is not as mobile as other roles. This puts them at a disadvantage when enemy forces have room to evade and counterattack.  

  • Titans are large targets that that find themselves at a disadvantage in open areas that lack cover.

  • Titan’s weapons are extremely effective at close range, but are lacking when engaging targets that are at a distance.


Tips and Tricks

  • Right-click after firing a rocket to detonate it before it reaches its max range. This is very effective at taking out high-mobility, vertical roles such as Vanguards and Assassins.

  • Rocket-jump by aiming at your feet, jumping (spacebar) and then firing. The explosion will launch you into the air and gaining access to areas you couldn’t reach.

  • Blindfiring while in zero-g will give you a huge speed boost in the direction you are looking.

  • Titans can be devastating in a small area like a base. Lead with a Neutron Mine and follow up with Pulverize and then take control with Berserk.