Vanguard Role - Developer Tips


Vanguards are highly mobile fighters that fly above the battle and rain down destruction on their enemies. Using their personalized flight suits, a Vanguard can rocket across the map to quickly bring the firepower of the Hydra Tri-Core Cannon and the gravity altering effects of their Starfall ability to a fight.



While the Vanguard’s primary weapon is designed for ranged combat, her Pulsar attack uses fuel, sharing the same resource that powers her Afterburners, to deliver a superheated blast of energy that damages the target and knocks the Vanguard backwards. An excellent combo when enemy forces get too close.




Law: Maverick

Breaker: Toska-9


Weapons & Abilities


Primary - Hydra Tri-Core Cannon “Hydra”

The Hydra is an arm-mounted weapon with three rotating barrels capable of inflicting a staggering amount of damage in very little time. The Hydra becomes more accurate and increases its rate of fire the longer it has to get up to speed.


Secondary - Pulsar

The Vanguard's suit allows her to consume Afterburner fuel to unleash a blast of superheated energy from her gauntlet. The maneuver is useful for propelling herself backward, out of danger, and roasting anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in front of the blast.


Shift - Afterburners

The Vanguard’s unique flight suit allows her to take flight at a moment’s notice by activating the Afterburners. This provides her with extreme speed and mobility for a short period of time. Overuse can result in the jets overheating, requiring a mandatory cooldown to prevent the equipment from melting.


E - Meteor Shells

The "M80-R" Meteor Shells are a cluster of destructive grenades. After being thrown they split apart and explode, damaging enemies within a small radius.


Q - Starfall

Starfall is a special attack that hurls the Vanguard towards the ground at supersonic speed. A zero-g field is triggered just before impact that envelops the area. The explosive damage from the supersonic impact, plus the sudden loss of gravity can be used to put enemy defenders at a severe disadvantage.



- A Vanguard uses their incredible mobility to quickly get into or out of a fight while enemies are stuck on the ground.

- With their ability to fly, especially in zero-g, the Vanguard is able to take the high ground in a fight and take the advantage.



- Vanguards are at their most dangerous when flying. Should they lose their vertical advantage, their lower health puts them at a severe disadvantage, especially against Enforcers and Titans.

- The Hydra is effective, but loud when getting up to speed. This can give away the Vanguard’s position to enemies.


Tips and Tricks

- The Pulsar and Meteor Shells can be used even while the main weapon is being fired. This can increase your damage output during a firefight.

- Use Afterburners to quickly jump into combat. As you near the battle, fire up the Hydra. Once in range, activate a Pulsar to do additional damage, then finish up wounded enemies with the spooled up Hydra rounds which will be at their most effective.

- Afterburners have a short cooldown after they are fully depleted. Leaving a little fuel in the tank will avoid the cooldown delay and provide emergency reserves that can be used for a Pulsar or a critical retreat.