Gravity Defying Maps


LawBreakers Maps will make you rethink what works in a shooter, incorporating large areas of open and vertical space. Gone are the days of moving through and camping the same narrow hallways just to get around. Gravity anomalies in each map have a massive impact on how modes are played and how the environment is navigated.



Maps in LawBreakers take place in the Post-Shattering world. The moon has been destroyed, gravity is out of control, and crime runs rampant. Civilization has persevered and rebuilt the world to be better and stronger than before. However, humanity is still nowhere near perfect. Governments are stretched thin, weakened after having sold off huge tracts of land to keep society intact and fund reconstruction. In the meantime, criminal enterprises have thrived, funded by drugs, violence and uncertainty in what the future now holds.


Grandview - Grand Canyon, Arizona


Overlooking the depths of the Grand Canyon, Grandview is a highly stylized gravitational research facility that the US government sold to the Shura Corporation after the Shattering drew nations into chaos.


Its location, under the influence of strong gravitational anomalies, was a prime location for Shura to open a center to study the effects of gravity and dissect the properties of a recently discovered element, Hadronium.  


The Promenade - Santa Monica, California


Located on Santa Monica Island in the California Keys, this once popular tourist destination now houses the gateway to the rebuilt pier.


Pressed on all sides by a boiling ocean, visitors to the revitalized pier will pass through the Shattering Aftershocks and Echoes memorial before experiencing the thrills of the recently revealed Graviton Ferris Wheel.


The battle has begun in these iconic locations. Will you throw your lot in with the Law and help to defend society from those who seek to exploit it? Or will you join the Breakers and take full advantage of the chaos for your own personal gain?