Killer Roles


LawBreakers features a diverse array of roles, each with their own set of unique abilities, backstory, and motivations. Take up arms as any one of the many symmetrical characters and choose your path as either one of the Law or one of the Breakers.


Enforcer Role

A supporting pillar of any strong team, the Enforcer is an elite soldier capable of dominating opponents with his Aerator assault rifle and lethal Badger shock pistol, or assisting allies with his diverse array of abilities. Speed up time around you and your teammates with his Distortion Field, shut down opponents with an Electromag Charge, and unleash a pack of devastating Bloodhound rockets on unsuspecting foes. You will find that the Enforcer offers a fresh unique twist on the familiar run-and-gun gameplay of modern shooters.



Assassin Role

The Assassin is easily one of the deadliest combatants on the battlefield. With her razor-sharp blades, powerful Romerus energy shotgun, and hyper mobility, she can bring death from above, below, or any other direction she pleases. Swing circles around your opponents with the grapple line, disorient them with a flux blast, and dash in to land the killing blows. Players that enjoy fast-paced, acrobatic-style movement, melee combat, and objective-focused gameplay will feel right at home while playing the Assassin.



Titan Role

The Titan is the epitome of size, strength, and pure unadulterated brute force. This role demolishes anyone stupid, or unlucky enough to get in the way. Dismantle foes with the Hammerhead rocket launcher, or fry them up nice and crispy with the chain-lightning gun. Perform massive leaps that crash down-on and pulverize unsuspecting opponents, or tear enemies out of the sky and even the playing field with the Neutron Mine. When the Titan gets truly angry you can trigger a full-on berserker rage that unleashes built-up electric charge and fries anything in your path. The Titan is ideal for anyone looking to bring a bulldozer to a gunfight, jump into the middle of any encounter, dominate your enemies, and inspire fearlessness in your allies.



Vanguard Role

Strap into your flight suit and take to the unfriendly skies with the Vanguard. Unleash hell with her arm-mounted Hydra minigun, rain death with clustering grenades, or disintegrate opponents with a superheated Pulsar blast from the palm of her hand. You can jet around opponents with the Vanguard, keeping them off balance just long enough to Starfall out of the sky, obliterating anything caught between you and the ground. The Vanguard is perfect for anyone who enjoys playing a mobile, mid-range skirmisher that flies around to hunt down opponents, assists allies, and closes in at the last moment to put down wounded prey.