Alpha Phase 1 Recap and What's Next


Hundreds of thousands of players signed up to join the gravity induced chaos in LawBreakers throughout the summer. In just a little over a couple weekends, people from around the world battled in intense FPS combat for over 1.6 million minutes (that's over 25,000 hours!) and captured objectives over 500,000 times. 


These numbers only tell a portion of the story, so, to truly celebrate the end of this Alpha phase and everyone who made it possible, we've collected some of our favorite facts and interesting post-match stats in the infographic below. 



Now that this first stage has ended, LawBreakers is entering an exciting new phase of development, and you’re a big part of what happens next!


Over the last couple months we’ve run a number of Alpha tests exploring our initial roster of roles, game modes and maps. The feedback we got from Alpha testers was invaluable and is helping direct the next stage of development.



With the previous phase of Alpha behind us, the dev team is going to be ‘heads down’ working on the game. There are updates for core gameplay to implement as well as work to complete new roles, maps and features. Once we feel the game is ready for the next phase of Alpha, we will let everyone know.


The next phase Alpha means more live playtests (yes, you can stream and make YouTube videos) and more opportunities for feedback before we head into Early Access on Steam.


Ultimately we want LawBreakers to be a game that we make WITH the fans. This is a collaboration that will create a game that we hope you will be excited to play.  


Signups for the next phase of Alpha  are live, so you can go ahead and make that happen by clicking the subtle “Sign Up For Alpha” button at the top of the screen. If you were in previous Alpha phase, you’re automatically in. Once again, we will let everyone know when the next phase of Alpha begins, so you can join in the live tests and let us know what you think.


Thanks for being a part of the LawBreakers community.




The LawBreakers Team