Reveals at The Game Awards


Did you catch the LawBreakers reveals at The Game Awards? We premiered our newest trailer and made some big announcements. From a sneak-peek at a couple of brand-new characters to glimpse at a never-before-seen map, we wanted to give everyone a taste of what we’re going to showcase in 2017. The team at Boss Key Productions has heard the community loud and clear since the conclusion of LawBreakers’ summer 2016 Alpha and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on, featuring new maps, modes and characters. More news soon, don’t worry.


If you missed the trailer, we got you covered -- you can watch right here:




Along with the launch of the new trailer we’re thrilled to announce that the Beta phase of development will begin in 2017. We’ve spent the last few months incorporating all the feedback from the Alpha tests and are almost ready to open the doors for the next round of testing. We’ll need you (heck, bring some friends) to jump into the playtests and give feedback so we can dial-in the game before launch.



Did we say ‘launch’? Yes we did, but details are still under wraps. So, continue following us on Twitter, Facebook and Steam to hear all the latest updates.



The Lawbreakers Team