Discord GameBridge Partnership Announcement


Good communication in an objective-based arena shooter can be the difference between getting a win and staring at the death screen. There’s a reason pro-gamers don’t pass post-it notes during a match and we think you should have the same high-quality advantage of real-time voice chat with teammates.


We’re pleased to announce that LawBreakers will be one of the premiere games using Discord’s GameBridge platform to power native in-game chat. We’ve been using Discord since our very first Friends & Family Alpha test, and simply put, it’s great. It works on your PC, phone or tablet. It works for IMs. It works for a squad or larger group chat. It just works, which is why we’re happy to integrate this next-generation chat solution into LawBreakers. You can check out Discord’s GameBridge website for more information.


Discord is going to make the way you play LawBreakers better than ever.


The LawBreakers Team