Closed Beta #1 incoming


Gravity got you down? Miss dodging rockets, chaingun fire and duel-wielding assassins in your free time? You’re in luck because we’ve got 96 hours of Gravity Defying Combat headed your way. The LawBreakers Closed Beta #1 begins Thursday on Steam.


On top of a metric TON of changes based on player feedback from Alpha, Beta will feature everything from Alpha plus three new roles that highlight unique play styles and an awesome new map.


Closed Beta #1 Begins

Thursday March 16th -  9am PT/ Noon ET / 4pm UTC


Closed Beta #1 Ends

Sunday March 19th - 9pm PT / Midnight ET / 4am UTC


This is a Closed Beta, which means that not everyone will get an invite. Closed Betas are a way for us to ramp up our tech and make sure everything is ready for the free-for-all that is Open Beta.


Redeeming Keys

If you received a key for Alpha, you’re all set for Closed Beta. If you signed up for Alpha and didn’t get a key, you’ll have a much higher chance of getting into Closed Beta. Watch for an invite email on Tuesday.

If you’re new to the game, sign up for Beta from the link on this page and keep an eye on your email. We will be inviting select players from all signup groups to Beta. If you don’t get into CB1, your sign-up still makes you eligible for future Closed Betas.



As a reminder, we got rid of that pesky NDA, so you’re free to stream, make videos, share screenshots and write about your experience. You can also join us on Discord or the Official Forums to share your feedback and thoughts.  


If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers in our nifty Beta F.A.Q.



You’ve waited for this moment and we know it wasn’t easy. You deserve something for your patience. Participate in Beta at any time and your account will receive an exclusive Beta profile icon to show everyone that you helped shape LawBreakers' future in our first Beta test. This icon will transfer over to the full release of the game too!


Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook feeds for additional announcements.


Beta is going to start with a bang...and bodies flailing about in zero-g.


We’ll see you in the Beta. Thanks for playing.


- The LawBreakers Team