Closed Beta Patch Notes: 0.1 [March 15, 2017]


Closed Beta 0.1 Patch Notes & Known Issues



Closed Beta #1 starts tomorrow morning (Thursday March 16th -  9am PT/ Noon ET / 4pm UTC). If you played in Alpha, you are going to experience a lot of changes. If you're new to LawBreakers, welcome to a whole new world of gravity-defying combat! Below are the Patch Notes listing all the big-ticket additions and changes that have been implemented since the last Alpha test. 

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New Content, Changes & Improvements

  • New: party and team voice chat powered by Discord
  • New Roles: Battle Medic, Juggernaut & Gunslinger
  • New Maps: Mammoth & Station
  • Balance updates on original Roles and Modes
  • Updated HUD and UI/Menus
  • Tutorial videos added to menus
  • New: Stash Boxes and light cosmetic customization for testing purposes only - will not transfer to future BETAs or full release (just a small sample)
  • In-Game Achievements
  • More robust Settings menu
  • Enhanced scoring events system
  • Improved in-game text chat
  • Healthbars and optional damage numbers
  • Optional alternative hit impact sounds
  • Skill based matchmaking first pass - Work in Progress
  • Auto-balance between matches
  • Reduced warm up time to 15s
  • Health pickups
  • Auto import Steam friends
  • Improved profile, player stats, match history
  • Improved netcode
  • Performance and loading times optimizations
  • First pass gamepad support 


Known Issues & Bugs 

  • There’s a low chance you can get stuck in the Achievements screen when clicking around on Achievements, you’ll have to force quit out of the game if this happens
  • Menus are still a work in progress, so expect more consistent and enhanced functionality as the closed Beta progresses
  • No way to remap Enter for chat
  • You should not be able to drop the Overcharge game object and that key binding option will be removed in the future
  • Profile statistics are still a work in progress - many aren’t tracking stats perfectly, or are displaying incorrect information. This will improve in future Betas
  • Your progression bar is displaying your progress incorrectly. It’s unlocking things just fine, but the increasing bar logic needs to be visually cleaned up
  • The menu can become slower over time. Restart the game if the issue is too severe
  • Party Members might get stuck in queue when party is disbanded. Restart game to fix
  • Discord: Pressing Alt F4 during a match does not remove you from Discord channel
  • Some achievements do not work
  • Front End Menus do not scale properly with non-16/9 monitors
  • After launching, the game may constantly minimizes when clicking in the window
    • Workaround 1: Alt-tab to desktop and double click the LawBreakers Icon in the windows taskbar
    • Workaround 2: After launching the game in Steam, click in the first window that pops up that displays the Boss Key logo before the game fully launches
  • Missing "NEW" tag on Stash Box Menu Button when new Stash Boxes are available
  • Juggernaut has a Secondary Weapon option accessible
  • Feng is missing Character Skins
  • While previewing an item, the Camera does not reset when hitting Back or ESC key
  • Missing some feedback when items are equipped
  • Settings that do not work:
    • Audio Tab
      • Mute Own Voice
      • Auto Join Voice Rooms
  • Incorrect Profile Icons are displaying on the in-game Scoreboard
  • Rarely, the Battery Icon will not be displayed on the Player holding the Battery
  • Healing sound loops if spectating a player that is healed
  • Cannot press ESC to display Pause Menu while dead
  • The XP/Level up meter will display incorrectly at the end of a match. The XP is counting correctly but the display will be incorrect
  • When joining a Turf War game in progress you may temporarily see icon issues with the captured zones.
  • In the settings menu, if you set any slider to zero, it will visually reposition to 50%, but is actually set to zero.
  • Unable to rebind most mouse buttons.