“Rise Up” PC Beta Event


Rise Up PC Beta Event

  June 28

9am PT / Noon ET / 6pm CEST

Keyholders Only


June 30

9am PT / Noon ET / 6pm CEST

Keyholders + New Players via Steam


Event Ends

July 3

9am PT / Noon ET / 6pm CEST



Time to rise or fall. Starting June 28 all key-holding Beta participants get a head start in the next Beta test, then new blood arrives on June 30 as LawBreakers goes open for the weekend. Join the gravity-defying combat and compete in the biggest Beta test yet. We are giving you the heads up now so you can mark your calendars and prepare. No fncking excuses. Bring it!


It wouldn’t be a proper test without dropping some new content in too. We'd like to introduce you to our latest playable map...Vertigo!



THERE’S MORE! All players playing in this special Beta nab an exclusive Beta weapon sticker. What the hell is a weapon sticker? It is what it sounds like. Complete 5 matches during the Rise Up Beta and earn it, and it transfers over to the full game at launch.


Follow our official TwitterInstagram and Facebook channels and join our official Discord channel or Forums. Chat with the devs and other LawBreakers fans to talk about E3, the game, or to just chat with some kickass folks. We vouch.


Bring your skill. See you in game.

- The LawBreakers Team