Rise Up Beta PC Patch Notes 0.3



Each time we run an Alpha or Beta we collect as much feedback as possible. Combining that info with our own data collection, we work to improve the game with each patch. Sometimes we add fun new stuff, like new maps or modes. Here are the updates being made for the Rise Up Beta.


New Additions:

  • New Map! - "Vertigo"

  • New Mode! - "Uplink"

  • New Customization! - "Weapon Stickers"


Role Changes:


"We're finally pulling the trigger on some Assassin changes that we feel will put her in a healthier position for the long term. Her basic melee combo with the Arc Blades has been too forgiving, such that new players were able to access her full damage potential without much practice. When we nudged down her Arc Blade damage to compensate, new players were still infuriated by melee spam and veterans were starting to rely on the Romerus almost exclusively. To address this we're reducing the Romerus' damage output and adding a new precision mechanic for the Arc Blades. *Precision* hits will now trigger when Arc Blade attacks have the crosshair directly over the target, dealing increased damage. We're hoping that by adding some more skill expression into the Arc Blades we'll see her get back to her distinctive high mobility melee play style, and rely a bit less on the Romerus."


Gameplay Adjustments:

  • Romerus' damage per primary projectile reduced 25→20

  • Romerus' clip size reduced 6→4

  • Romerus' reloads 5% slower

  • Arc Blades combo attack 1 damage 50 → 50

  • Arc Blades combo attack 2 damage 100→75

  • Arc Blades combo attack 3 damage 150→100

  • new Arc Blades precision combo attack 1 damage → 100

  • new Arc Blades precision combo attack 2 damage → 150

  • new Arc Blades precision combo attack 3 damage → 175


Battle Medic

"Battle Medic is still really strong, but their Support Drones have been too difficult to deal with when applied mid-combat. We're reducing the amount of shields applied by the Support Drone to make it a bit easier to counter the healing."


Gameplay Adjustments:

  • Reduced shields when Support Drone is applied 100→80

  • Increased time to fully heal 200 HP from Support Drone from 4s→6.25s

  • Increased impulse on Fire Fly from 100→200



"Enforcer right now has both high health and damage output, which makes him excel in a raw DPS role and effective on both offense and defense. We're keeping his core tools in place this patch while we keep an eye on his performance, and we're taking this as an opportunity to trim off some of the excess power on his Bloodhound Rockets. A slightly reduced fire rate should require him to position more carefully to maximize their damage."


Gameplay Adjustments:

  • Increased time between salvo launches from 0.23s→0.35s.



"We hit Gunslinger too hard in CB2, so we're pulling back on some of those changes."


Gameplay Adjustments:

  • Increased Omega's full charge damage from 140→160

  • Fall off for Omega damage starts later, increased from 1750→2000



"Juggernaut was still too weak in CB2, so we're giving him both some quality of life improvements as well as some more DPS. Notably, his Armor Protocol now no longer interrupts weapon or ability animations, so you can smoothly flow between armor-states mid-combat. We've also increased the rate of fire of his Instigator shotgun and improved his fuel consumption. The health on his Holo-Deflector wall has been bumped up substantially to solidify it as a defensive tool."


Gameplay Adjustments:

  • Reduced Instigator time between shots 1s → 0.5s

  • Increased Holo-Deflector wall health from 400→2000

  • Charge fuel cost reduced 15% per second → 10%

  • Fuel regeneration increased 15% per second → 20%

  • Armor Protocol no longer interrupts weapon or ability animations



"Wraith was really strong in his debut in CB2, but overall mostly in line with where he should be. We're slightly reducing the damage on his stab attack, and cleaning up some of his air jump animations to make him a bit easier to hit when he's bouncing around. We've also improved the hit detection on the Stinger bomb to make it easier to shoot and explode."


Gameplay Adjustments:

  • Wasp stab damage reduced 150→125

  • Made it easier to detonate the Stinger bomb

  • "Flip" animation now only triggers on the 3rd air jump


Mode Changes:

All Modes

  • Changed warmup duration from 15→20 seconds.



  • Added more Justin Roiland lines to the Blitzball!


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed several crash fixes and GPU hangs.

  • Fixed issue where models may load load and a default model is present instead in game.

  • Fixed end of match XP granted based on match duration instead of player time played.

  • Fixed several issues with spectator mode.

  • Fixed several issues for awarding and announcing achievements.

  • Fixed friends list issues.

  • Fixed performance issues in profile menu when selecting between tabs.


General Additions/Improvements:

  • Overall hit detection improvements. We've tweaked the hit registration on the server to more accurately match the character position seen on the client and made replica players on unstable connections move more consistently.

  • All maps have gone various quality of life improvements through collision adjustments, exploit fixes, and eliminating bugs.

  • *NEW* Additional Weapon and Character skins.

  • *NEW* Spectator slots expanded to 3.

  • *NEW* Additional game settings exposed to run custom matches.

  • *NEW* HUD scale setting.

  • *NEW* Settings to adjust framerate caps.

  • *NEW* Party invitation feature. Party leaders can now assign people to invite more players.

  • *NEW* Added a Next button to progress through end of match screens quicker.


Known Issues and Bugs:


  • Players level may not appear in menus.

  • Party chat may occasionally fail.

    • Relaunch the game to fix this issue.

  • Uplink: objective status icons may appear neutral when joining a match in progress.

  • Game keeps priority over other windows when switching from Fullscreen to windowed mode

  • Discord: may not always automatically join for every user in consecutive matches.

    • Double check desktop app and Lawbreakers client settings (auto join), and reconnect to the match.

  • As a Spectator, you cannot directly invite another spectator to the empty slot.
    • Solution: Invite players to the Law or Breakers side and then move them to the spectator slot. 
  • Unable to be in a private Discord chat and in game party chat at the same time.
  • Some custom game settings aren’t fully working. Still a work in progress!

    • No option available to set BlitzBall score.

    • Overcharge: Setting Battery Shield Enabled to NO causes the shield to appear after scoring

    • Overcharge: Setting the Battery Shield Enabled option to NO still causes the shield to appear after the player holding the battery is killed

    • Uplink's default custom game setting for Uplink Reset Timer is at 11 seconds but is actually 10 seconds ingame.

  • Invitees continue searching for servers when a host cancels a search.
  • Titan Key Ability Lightning FX may appear after death.

    • Is visual only.

  • If invite popups are missed in game, players must use the following steps in order to accept them:

    • Hit Esc → Then click Role Select → Invite Pop-Up will appear on this screen

    • If missed on this screen, players must die and return to role select screen to accept invite

  • Default Kick Decals don't load in until you select a different one first.

    • When first opening the kick decal tab, the equipped kick decal does not load.  Selecting through the other options will load them.

  • Some achievements will not track.
  • Some achievements will not display properly in game.