LawBreakers Limited Run Editions


You’ve waited long enough!


We're extremely proud to present a very special set of collectible versions of LawBreakers, on both PC and PS4™.



These limited editions are created by Limited Run Games, an excellent team of people that specialize in creating awesome stuff for collectors. They also happen to be in Raleigh, NC, so they are neighbors to Boss Key Productions.


While our Core Edition and Deadzo Deluxe Edition are solely digital and have been available for Pre-Order online, our Limited Run exclusive PC & PS4™ Collector's Editions and the special PS4™ 'Limited Run' Disc Edition will be produced at extremely limited quantities for the most hardcore LawBreakers fans out there.


PC and PS4™ Collector's Editions

Both our PC and PS4™ Collector's Editions come with the digital Deadzo Deluxe game content (game code emailed at launch) plus some very cool physical pack-ins, ranging from 'Abaddon's Journal', a book that features 10+ pages of original fiction, art and functional pages, to high-quality character cards found in LAW and BREAKER card packs and more.


PC Collector’s Edition for Pre-Orders can be made exclusively through Limited Run Game's website until July 7th at 9pm PST/ Midnight EST.


PS4™Collector’s Edition for Pre-Orders can be made exclusively through Limited Run Game's website starting August 4th.



Lawbreakers Collector Editions for PS4 - Shop Now


PS4™ 'Limited Run' Disc Edition

The PS4™ 'Limited Run' Disc Edition is the Core Edition of LawBreakers. If you're a PS4™ disc collector - this is the ONLY way to get LawBreakers on an actual physical disc of the game.


The PS4 editions will be limited to 5,000 'Limited Run' Disc Editions and 2,500 Collector's Editions. They will go on sale in two batches on August 4th to accommodate different time zones.


PS4™ 1st Sale - 7am PDT / 10am EDT / 4pm CEST

PS4™ 2nd Sale - 3pm PST / 6pm EDT / Midnight (5 Aug) CEST



PS4™ 'Limited Run' Disc Edition - Shop Now


Don't miss out! It's a first come first serve basis and once they're all sold out, they're gone forever.


We hope collectors and our hardcore LawBreakers fans enjoy what we've created, as we're extremely excited to bring it to all of you (in very limited quantities of course!).


Happy hunting and we'll see you in-game.


- The LawBreakers Team