Open Beta Patch Notes & Known Issues


PC Open Beta Patch Notes - 0.4

PS4™ Patch Notes 0.2 Can Be Found Here

New Additions:

  • New Sandbox Tutorial Mode!

  • New Twitch features!

    • Account-linking

    • Broadcaster icon when streaming

    • STEAM ID -> Twitch channel name swap functionality

  • Features all Character Customization options that will launch with LawBreakers!


General Gameplay:

Melee ranges in Beta 3 were way overtuned across the board, so we've brought them down to better match the visuals and gameplay intention of needing to get up close. This includes all kicks, as well as melee attacks for Assassin, Wraith, and Juggernaut.

  • Kick ranges reduced from 600 → 400.


Role Changes:

Assassin -

"Assassin is finally in a decent spot now after adding precision damage to her Arc Blades in Beta 3. We think she could benefit a lot from some quality of life improvements, so we fixed an underlying issue that was causing Frenzy's spin attack to miss even at close range, and increased her health restored on hit while Frenzy is active to make her more dangerous during her most powerful moments. We've also shaved off some of her downtime while waiting for charges to generate and put just a bit more punch back into the Romerus."

Gameplay Adjustments:

  • Romerus ammo increased from 4 to 5 rounds.

  • Romerus charge fire time decreased from 0.8s → 0.7s.

  • Frenzy AOE damage range increased from 600 → 650.

  • Frenzy health restored on hit increased from 35 to 70.

  • Arc Blades range reduced from 600 → 400.

  • Dash/Grapple cooldown reduced 4.5s → 4s.


Enforcer -

"We've heard a ton of mixed feedback on Enforcer. In general we think that this is because a lot of his power was tied up in perfectly toggling his combat steroid and maximizing EMP usage, which made him too strong at the top levels of play and a bit too weak at the lower ends. We've started by bumping up the ammo size on the Aerator, which should be a decent boost of strength that everyone can utilize. Beyond that, we've nudged down his excess power in a few different areas to make him less overbearing when optimized. He's still got a potent combination of health, damage and utility that should be a force to be reckoned with."

Gameplay Adjustments:

  • Aerator ammo increased from 30 → 35.

  • Aerator max damage decreased from 27 → 25.

  • Aerator damage at max range decreased from 16 → 13.

  • Fuel gained per damage dealt reduced from 0.5% → 0.25%.

  • Bonus rate of fire from Distortion Field reduced from 30% → 20%.


Gunslinger -

"We're bumping up the on hit damage of the TAC Knife to solidify its position as a combat option, and trimming down Warp's cooldown to be more in line with other high mobility classes. We still expect Warp to be stronger in combat than for pure map traversal, but this change should help him feel less sluggish when simply moving around. We're also giving a healthy buff to Equalizer's damage output, as previously we saw this ability sometimes used only for it's Warp cooldown reset. Finally we fixed the damage falloff on Omega that was causing charged versus uncharged shots to do roughly equal damage at certain ranges. "

Gameplay Adjustments:

  • Increased TAC Knife thrown damage from 100 → 200.

  • Increased TAC Knife gravity from 0 → 0.75.

  • Increased TAC Knife melee range from 225 → 300.

  • Warp cooldown reduced 5s → 4s.

  • Equalizer time between shots reduced 0.125 → 0.1.

  • Fixed Omega damage falloff curve.


Juggernaut -

"Juggernaut was finally viable in Beta 3 - maybe too viable as a result of massive raw damage and tank stats. We're limiting how long he can be fully Armored and reducing his damage so that he doesn't automatically win fights at close range. The health of the Holo-Deflector wall is coming down significantly - a coordinated team should be able to destroy it with concentrated fire."

Gameplay Adjustments:

  • Armored Protocol fuel cost increased from 10% per second → 15% per second.

  • Shotgun Damage per pellet reduced 18 → 15.

  • Impale range reduced 600 → 400.

  • Holo-Deflector wall health reduced 2000 → 1100.


Wraith -

"Wraith was way too strong in Beta 3 due mostly to free damage on the slide kick and a ridiculous stab range, but beyond that we feel he's simply too mobile to sit at the 350 health tier. Rather than slow him down, we're dropping his health to better reward players who are actually able to shoot him. We've also fixed his ability to fly out of the map by spamming the Wasp stab, and slightly reduced the Spektor's damage at range so that Wraith has to take a few more risks in combat by getting up close and personal."

Gameplay Adjustments:

  • Health reduced from 350 to 325.

  • Slide damage reduced from 85 to 25.

  • Wasp stab range reduced from 600 → 400.

  • Consecutive Wasp stabs will result in lunging impulse decrease.

  • Spektor pistol damage at max range reduced from 13 → 12.


Titan -

"We're adding an extra rocket into the Hammerhead and speeding up its reload so that Titans can cross the map with blindfire and rocket jumps and still be in a good position to fight."

Gameplay Adjustments:

  • Hammerhead Rocket Ammo increased from 5 to 6

  • Hammerhead reload speed increased by 5%

  • Hammerhead on-screen real estate adjusted during Reload and Blindfire to address covering center of screen issues

  • Pulverize cooldown reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds


Vanguard -

"Pulsar is a great tool for in combat mobility and burst damage, but it can be difficult to use when you need that fuel for escapes and traversal. We're bringing it's fuel cost down to encourage more creative use of it's potential."

Gameplay Adjustments:

  • Pulsar fuel cost reduced from 40% → 30%

General Improvements:

Matchmaking -

The Play Now Open Beta introduces important changes to matchmaking.

CB3 was a good step up from previous betas, with a worldwide average queue time of 49 seconds, and overall better match quality.


(global average is weighted with number of players per regions)


This patch aims to improve two main issues:

- Queue times at low and high tier MMR (matchmaking skill rating) or in certain regions could be too long

- Matches were often unbalanced


* Maximum MMR window in queue is separated per region

Matchmaking tries to match players together based on their MMR. Each player's acceptable MMR range expands over time while in queue to maximize chances to find a match. In this patch the maximum MMR range is set independently per region. This allows matchmaking to be less strict and reduce queue times in regions that have less players.


* Personal performance now affects MMR

Before this patch, players matchmaking skill rating was calculated strictly by looking at their wins and losses, and the skill of the enemy team. While this is great for a competitive mode, it doesn't fully capture the real picture in Quickplay. We found that a number of players are not playing the objective, and yet have very high aiming skill. This causes their MMR to stay average and them to be matched against players of a much lower personal skill. This lead to unbalanced matches. In this patch, Matchmaking will now also take into account players personal performance in matches. That means that the MMR of a player with an extreme kill/death ratio or score will move up faster so that this player will match against equally skilled players. Wins and losses are still at the core of the matchmaking skill rating, but personal performance will impact that rating to be more precise in the context of Quickplay.


* Parties now have a MMR boost in queue to play against better players

Parties have a net advantage in matches due to their communication and coordination. Parties are now getting a MMR boost in queue, based on their size, so that they play on average against better rated players.


* "Vote to stay" button was removed

The "vote to stay" button that used to be displayed between matches has been removed. By default the match will now roll over, unless the skill gap between players in that match became too large or below our ideal range. Up to 3 players can be auto-requeued into a new match when their skill doesn't align with other players after a match. This will increase the number of consecutive matches, avoid frequent re-queue, and allow matchmaking to auto-balance teams more often.


Maps -

  • All Maps have received polish passes to fix various bugs.


Audio -

  • Various mix changes to Gameplay and Menus.

  • Minor fixes to music bus assignments and behaviors.


Known Issues and Bugs:

General -

  • Some achievements may not be able to be completed.

  • Death cam may interrupt achievement announcements.

  • Some statistics may not track in player profile.

  • Gamepad users may experience the following issues -

    • Players must hold the leave button command when trying to "Cancel Matchmaking".

    • Players must also hold the leave button command when trying to "Leave Match" in both Quick Match and Custom Game.

    • LawBreakers does not currently support Steam Big Picture configurations.

    • Pressing Y on a PC Controller may not activate a character's Key Ability.

    • Various button mapping issues may be present when trying to map commands.

  • Shots may fail due to frame rate dependent fire rates or during high latency matches.

  • When loading into a match the Map/Mode will sometimes not update while on character select.

    • Issue is resolved once any player spawns.

  • Rejoining a lobby will display the map and game mode as Unknown/Unknown.

  • Switching from Borderless to Fullscreen to Windowed - Windowed mode won't fill the game in the size of the window and breaks the window boundaries.

    • Users are forced to relaunch the game to resolve the issue.

  • Switching Fullscreen to Windowed mode causes LawBreakers game window to take priority and cannot be overlapped.

    • Switching to Borderless and then back to Windowed will resolve the issue.

  • Tutorial - Users may experience UI issues or see Bots with incorrect models.

  • Discord users may experience the following issues -

    • After consecutive matches, sometimes users will not be able to hear each other.

      • Re-matchmaking or creating a new party resolves this issue.

    • After consecutive matches, sometimes users will not see the discord icon next to users who are using voice chat

      • Re-matchmaking or creating a new party resolves this issue.

    • While in a Discord voice channel and in a LawBreakers party, users outside of the LawBreakers party may not be able to hear one another.

      • Disconnecting and reconnecting back to the Discord client resolves this issue.

    • The user is not able to bind Mouse buttons for Push to Talk.


Custom Game -

  • If the Host leaves the custom lobby while in a party, host migration will not occur.

  • If the user is on the role select screen in a custom game and is removed from the game by the host, “You have been removed by the Host” notification does not appear for the user.

  • If the user is on the role select screen in a custom game and is removed from team by the host, “You have been removed by the Host” notification does not appear for the user.

  • Warning message can appear after sitting at Custom Game match settings screen for a long period of time.

    • Users will need to back out and create a new custom game.

  • "Load Failed" notification occurs when ending a custom game with no stats.

  • Uplink mode issues -

    • Reset Timer: Set at 11 seconds by default but is actually 10 seconds in-game.

    • Full Uplink Timer: Score countdown timer numbers above 20 are not displayed on the UI.

    • Time In Base: Setting does not function.

  • Occupy mode issues -

    • Start Time Until Activation: When set to 30, timer on the HUD changes from 10 to 28 when the game begins instead of starting at 30.


Menus/UI -

  • Text chat may overlap with Stash Drop or Role Select menus causing issues.

  • Rarely, text chat may cause issues where inputting keys takes steam screenshots and hinders game performance.

    • Restart LawBreakers to resolve this issue.

  • Various issues if binding chat functions to alpha-numeric keys.

  • “New” icon appears in customize menu for duplicate portraits a player may have earned.

  • If invite popups are missed in game, players must go back to Front End in order to accept them.

    • Hit Esc>Role Select>PopUp will appear on this screen.

    • If missed on this screen players must die and return to role select screen to accept invite.

  • Leave with/without party prompt doesn't appear if exiting through in game options menu.

  • Unable to remove in-game friends if they were added in previous Betas.

  • Game Mode icons status for multiple modes and icons are incorrect for users who join a game in progress or remain on the front end after the match has started.

    • Icons will update again for the user after spawning, directly after the status changes.

  • Profile menu endlessly loads if open before end of match or when accepting a custom game invite.

  • User will lose menu functionality in game after quickly cycling through different tabs on achievements and profile screens.

    • Restart LawBreakers to resolve the issue.


Audio -

  • Sometimes the match music in Uplink and Overcharge will not trigger at 50% charge.