PS4 Patch Notes 1.1


PS4 Patch Notes 1.1
PC Patch Notes 1.1 Can Be Found Here

"What's up LawBreakers, welcome to Patch 1.1! This is our first patch post-launch and it's pretty light weight in terms of gameplay changes. While we continue gathering feedback and evaluating the state of the game, we're pushing out some balance tweaks that we've had in the pipe. We're also getting out some crucial bug fixes and improvements as that is our number one priority. Finally, we're balancing a few of our roles and implementing some changes to help reward skilled play for the Gunslinger. Our goal with these changes is to make sure that LawBreakers delivers on it's promise of deep gameplay and skill expression."

New Additions:

  • *NEW* Open Stash Boxes while waiting in the matchmaking lobby and queue!

Role Changes:

Gunslinger -

"We've gotten a lot of feedback about Gunslinger's Warp ability. Our intention with Warp is to keep it primarily as an in-combat mobility option, but we understand it can leave him feeling sluggish when simply traversing the map. Gaining momentum with abilities and staying quick with well-timed skip jumps is a key mechanic in the game, so we bumped up the impulse gained from using Warp to better help him ramp up to speed. In terms of combat Gunslinger is dominant right now, so we've nudged down his fully charged Omega damage and reduced the headshot multiplier on the TAC-knife so that it no longer one-shots squishy enemies.

Gunslinger is also getting a brand new mechanic. Gunslinger's identity is all about precision - with no splash damage in his kit he lives or dies by his aim. We thought this was a good opportunity to reward Gunslingers who aim true."

  • Horizontal warp impulse increased 300 → 500

  • New mechanic: landing a fully charged Omega headshot now replenishes a Warp ability charge.

  • Reduced Headshot damage multiplier on TAC Knife from 1.5 → 1.25.

  • Reduced fully charged Omega max damage from 160 → 150.

Harrier -

"Harrier's Convergence ability is meant to deal tons of damage at the cost of reduced mobility, but it was so overtuned that you'd often get melted before you could react to it. We're dropping the DPS on the super laser to make it easier for coordinated teams to take advantage of Harrier's vulnerability."

  • Decreased Harrier's Convergence ability damage per second from 500 → 400.

Wraith -

"The Wasp stab is getting the same precision treatment we gave to the Assassin during beta. Wraith's are going to have to be more accurate if they want full damage out of the stab."

  • Wasp stab base damage reduced 125 → 75

  • *NEW* stab precision damage → 125  

Bug Fixes:

Gameplay -

  • Fixed a bug where Gunslinger would sometimes get stuck in a state where they could not shoot.

  • Fixed an issue where Harrier's Shoc-Croc may not have applied damage in certain situations.

  • Fixed an issue where Crisper was still dealing extra damage after coming out of Berserk mode.

  • Enemy impulses now affect Wraith's Wasp Stab and Slide abilities.


Animation -

  • Fixed in-game animdynamics on all characters.

    • Dynamic character elements such as hair, ammo packs, and belts will now animate in game and not just in the menus.


Controls -

  • Fixed an issue where selected gamepad presets wouldn't reset to default correctly.

Text / Languages -

  • Updated text for supported languages to fix issues related to achievements, scoring events, and menus.


General Additions/Improvements:

  • Greatly improved match filling logic.

    • Most cases where a game was unable to fill to 5 players have been addressed.


PS4 Known Issues/Bugs:

Voice Chat & Menus -

  • Voice chat is still currently disabled as we work on a fix.

  • The Weapon Sticker menu can be unresponsive or skip entries when navigating.