PS4 Patch Notes 1.2


PS4 Patch Notes 1.2

PC Patch Notes can be found here

"Greetings LawBreakers, welcome to Patch 1.2! In this patch we're focusing on some minor gameplay tweaks and visual effects improvements while we prepare some more in depth changes for the future. For Harrier and Battle Medic we've improved the team colors on their weapon effects so that they'll be more readable and consistent with the rest of the game. On the balance front, we've made a few adjustments to Assassin and gave a small buff to Juggernaut. Game modes are also seeing a few changes… Blitzball has a shorter game clock and a faster shield drop time to help end matches that are getting too drawn out. Occupy has a few more seconds in between zone spawns to help teams better prepare for the next fight."

Role Changes:

Battle Medic - 

  • Updated Lobber projectile and explosion VFX  for primary and alternate fire to be more distinct from one another.

  • Made Lobber projectile VFX easier to tell if they are from an enemy or ally.

Harrier - 

  • Removed splash damage to self from Shoc-Croc's alternate fire.

  • Made Harrier Weapon and Ability VFX easier to tell if they are from an enemy or ally.

Assassin - 

"Assassin is back to dashing and skip jumping her way around the map almost exclusively - thanks to some Romerus buffs from back in Beta. We think the game is most fun when Assassin has to make some real choices on which of her weapons to use and when, so we're toning down the burst damage on the Romerus charge shot and nudging up the projectile speed and range on her grapple. This should make the grapple both a bit easier to land on moving targets, as well as feel more consistent with latency."

  • Romerus alt-fire projectile damage reduced 30 → 27.

  • Grapple projectile speed increased 9000 → 9750.

  • Grapple projectile range increased 3600 → 3700.


Juggernaut - 

"Juggernaut's Armor Protocol is twice as effective from the front - we want to emphasize this play pattern by giving him a bit more “tankyness” if he can successfully orient  himself towards incoming damage."

  • Increased frontal armor damage reduction 50% → 52%.

Map & Mode Changes:

Reactor - 

  • Resized and repositioned the G-40 Gravity Orbs to fit the map better and improve gameplay.

  • Improved performance of sliding doors on the map.

  • Titan's Neutron Mines and Harrier's Recharge Stations no longer stick to sliding doors to eliminate exploits.


Occupy Mode - 

  • Increased time between moving Occupy zones from 5 seconds → 15 seconds.

  • Added in world HUD markers to indicate where the next zone will appear when moved.

  • Fixed Audio cue issues where announcer would say "Zone Heavily Contested" when it was not.


Blitzball Mode 

  • Reduced game clock 20 → 15 minutes.

  • Reduced time to drop shields.


Bug Fixes:

Gameplay - 

  • Fixed an issue where the server would correct positions every time you fired projectile based weapons in low gravity.

  • Improved role selection load times when switching between classes.

  • Single zone controller settings now apply in game.

  • Fixed an issue where the match could begin while waiting for assets to load.


UI - 

  • Spectator Mode bug fixes

    • Fixed issues where Score UI would overlap with HUD in 21:9 aspect ratio.

    • Optimizations to improve the frame rate of spectators.

    • HUD now scales properly while in spectator mode.

    • Fixed broken weapon animations on characters while spectating.

    • Fixed Harrier FX displaying centered on screen.

    • Fixed settings menu not functioning properly.

  • Chat

    • Fixed chat spacing to better fit chat window.

    • Chat window will now update with incoming messages while it is active.

    • Improved mouse wheel scrolling logic.


Text / Languages - 

  • Fixed issues with "Out of Bounds" warning text getting truncated.


General Additions/Improvements:

  • Matchmaking Improvements

    • Matchmaking logic has been updated to avoid adding players to matches that would result in a 3v4 or 4v5 situation. It will instead try to maintain 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5 team balances.

  • *NEW Beta Feature* Voice Chat in custom games.

    • We're testing out voice chat support as a Beta feature in our custom game modes. To turn on voice chat in custom games, go to Match Settings > Voice Chat Enabled (Beta) to enable it. Working out issues in the test environment is an essential first step towards voice chat being enabled throughout all of LawBreakers.

  • Leaver penalty warnings: We now warn on leaving a match that you'll lose all progression. XP not counted if leaving mid-match and consecutive match bonus is reset. Victory is not counted, but other statistics are still recorded

  • Score grade & Match-losses: If less than 2/3 of the match was played, match loss and score grade are not counted for back-filled players. If S grade or higher is earned, score grade is counted

  • Improved Score Grade Calculation: Now score grades are based on your score per minute, rather than a flat score threshold. We feel this is more fair to players who play in matches of various lengths