Patch 1.4 is Coming!


Hey LawBreakers,

We are proud to announce that our first major update has arrived. We’re excited to unveil what’s coming to the game with Patch 1.4. Check out the latest Rapid Fire Dev Update from Boss Key Productions to get a preview of what’s to come. We’ll give you a few minutes.

*taps watch* You back yet? Hope you’re hyped. Major game balancing is coming, a new map, mode, and more. Let’s dive in further.

Our first map post-launch is called Namsan, and features our favorite lil’ guy, Spacey. Watch the Map Overview below. 

In addition, we’re adding a new way to play LawBreakers called Skirmish. First up in this limited time mode is none other than Team Deathmatch, and it’s on a brand-new BETA map created just for this Skirmish called Clash.

As we promised from the start, all maps, modes, and classes are free to all LawBreakers players once they’re added to the game. So all of this content will be comin’ at ya free of charge, and all you gotta do is update the game. And now that we’re on that topic...

Patch 1.4 will require a restart of the game/application at 8am PDT/ 11am EDT / 5pm CEST when the update is available. However, we anticipate that the service may have interruptions from 8am-9am PDT so please keep updated on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.

Thursday, September 21, 2017
Pacific: 8:00 AM
Eastern: 11:00 AM
CEST: 5:00 PM

Now that the technical stuff is over with, we know you’re asking - “where the fnck are my patch notes?” Don’t worry, we got you. Check ‘em out below.

PC Patch Notes: HERE

PS4 Patch Notes: HERE

Thank you for your support thus far, and we hope you enjoy this update!

- The LawBreakers Team