TwitchCon 2017


Hey LawBreakers,


We’re excited to announce that we’ll be at TwitchCon in Long Beach, CA this week! We’ll be showcasing LawBreakers on Friday, October 20 and Saturday, October 21.


Here’s what we’re up to:



  • 3:30pm PDT - TwitchCon Twitch Challenge @ Main Stage

    • 10 streamers will be heading to Long Beach, California in a competition to prove their skills. They will split into two teams, to be christened by the casters themselves for a 5v5, best of 3 showdown.

      Not at the show? No problem. Just tune in on the homepage and find out: Which Streamer is Supreme!

    • Which of your favorite streamers are joining us? Here they are:

      • Shoutcaster: ESL Muchables

      • Shoutcaster: Axeltoss

      • 2MGoverCsquared

      • Gamesager

      • DSPSTanky

      • Greenskull

      • Joshino

      • RookTV

      • Crream

      • Fandy

      • APLFisher

      • Ellohime



  • 5:00pm-8:00pm - LAN Room Takeover @ Twitch LAN Room

    • LawBreakers will take over the Twitch LAN room so attendees of the show can take a gaming break and come experience the game’s brand new “All-Star Update.”

      Those at the show how are looking to Run and Gun on the show floor are encouraged to come earn prizes, swag, and get a chance to experience some high mobility FPS combat in the heart of the TwitchCon showfloor.


Hope you’re excited and we’ll see you there!

- The LawBreakers Team