DreamHack Denver


It all comes down to this weekend.  For six weeks teams have been blindfiring, pulverizing and fragging their way into gravity-defying battle in order to claim the top two spots to compete in the Grand Finals at DreamHack Denver.  But before the players put on their headsets, crack their knuckles and take a deep breath as the match countdown from H.A.N.N.A.H. begins, we want to briefly take a look back at the competition over the past weeks.


 Throughout the entire series, there was one unstoppable force that could not be taken down. Fuster Cluck took first place every week for the entire tournament series.  Their teamwork, past FPS experience and outright talent led to a dominant performance.  However, on one Saturday evening a team showed that the seemingly unstoppable champs, Fuster Cluck, could be taken down.


 Neverless did something during week three that no other team could ever repeat during The Road to Colorado -- they defeated Fuster Cluck and sent them to the Loser’s Bracket.  While FC still went on to win first place, it opened everyone’s eyes to the fact that with the right combination of teamwork and strategy, anyone in the tournament could be beaten. When analyzing past performances and seeing that week after week these two went to battle to claim the top spot, Neverless was the team everyone in the community expected to go head to head with FC at the Grand Finals at DreamHack Denver, but SLP had something to say about that.


 There’s no better way to describe Stacked Like Pancakes other than being the underdog.  While the team itself has a roster full of young talent, a misstep in execution would land them in third place every Saturday except one.  But every weekend, they would return with a new gameplan and the will to improve.  Then during the Final Qualifiers for DreamHack Denver, the underestimated made a statement.


 The match-up of Neverless vs. Stacked Like Pancakes was tied 1-1.  The last round to decide it all was Blitzball on Station - a map that team member Aluco mentioned was SLP’s “pocket pick.”  The team cleared the center point for young Assassin, ChrissyJ, to carry his team (and the Blitzball) to victory.  The map started just as furiously as it ended with SLP scoring five goals to Neverless’ one and secured them the last spot in the Grand Finals.


 Our friends and series organizers over at GauntletGG are here to tell you a little more about SLP and FC.



 A big thanks to GauntletGG for organizing the tournament and for putting on a great production every week.  The Grand Finals between Stacked Like Pancakes and Fuster Cluck will be live streamed from DreamHack’s main stage on Saturday evening around 5PM/MT on twitch.tv/lawbreakers.  Our devs will also be at DreamHack the entire weekend where LawBreakers will be featured at the freeplay area, and you may even see us at the BYOC LAN. Be sure to come by and try out all the new content in our new All-Star Update.


 See you soon, Denver!


- The LawBreakers Team