PS4 Patch Notes 2.0.1


PS4 Patch Notes 2.0.1

PC Patch Notes can be found here


General Additions/Improvements:

  • Region selection now defaults to any region under 150ms ping, and saves changes made to it.

  • Team Death Match has been officially promoted into the regular quick match queue rotation!

    • Skirmish option has been removed until a new mode is ready.

  • Adjusted the drop rates in stash drops to grant more Advanced or better rarity items overall.

Bug Fixes:

General -

  • Group respawn timer increased 3 → 5s.

    • Was noted in Patch 2.0 notes, but was not actually applied.

  • Fixed an issue where people couldn't queue in Boss Leagues if they were prestige'd and their level was less than 5.

  • Fixed issues with not being able to enter Boss Leagues as a party.

  • Fixed various other issues with Boss Leagues, UI, and added multiple crash fixes.

  • Fixed bronze rank icon not displaying.

  • Role lock icon now displays again.

  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in the Boss Leagues Queue and unable to cancel.