Patch 2.1 is coming!


Hey LawBreakers,


Patch 2.1 is coming at ya soon, and Boss Key’s here with a new Rapid Fire Dev Update to walk you through the quality of life improvements and bug fixes that’ll be included in this update. Watch below.



Remember, Boss Leagues Season 0 ends on November 30, so you’ll be able to redeem your silver weapon skin then if you finished your placement matches. We are also phasing out the Blitzball Stash Drops on November 30, so get those All-Star Skins while you can. Check out the full patch notes below!


Patch 2.1 will require a restart of the game/application at 8am PT/ 11am ET / 5pm CET when the update is available. However, we anticipate that the service may have interruptions from 8am-9am PDT so please keep updated on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.


Friday, November 17, 2017
Pacific: 8:00 AM
Eastern: 11:00 AM
CET: 5:00 PM




  • Season Rewards added for Boss Leagues Season 0.

    • These rewards can be redeemed on November 30.

  • Various Boss League UI fixes.

  • Battle Medic Low Fuel issue fixed.

  • Enforcer's Aerator Max Damage per hit lowered from 25 → 23.

    • "We've reduced the Enforcer's ability to shred targets at close range by reducing the maximum damage output per shot on Aerator. Enforcer players should look to work in their Badger at mid to close range to maximize damage output."

  • Gateway collision issues fixed.

  • Gateway exploits fixed.

UPDATE 11/28

Prior to patch 2.1, we made adjustments with latency compensation on projectiles based off feedback from players that sometimes projectiles would shoot through players. We are investigating the player reports of some possible issues with projectiles in the latest 2.1 update based off of this adjustment, as projectiles in patch 2.1 should behave more "projectile-like" and feel slower up close (so players will need to lead targets more than before patch 2.1). This adjustment was not noted in the 2.1 patch notes. Thank you for your understanding!