Boss Leagues Season 1


Hey LawBreakers,


The Boss Leagues may be back sooner than you think. In fact, how does this week sound?


We want to invite everyone to play in Boss Leagues Season 1, coming December 14 at 5am PT/ 8am ET! Those who helped us test League systems in Season 0, thank you. For Season 1 we have listened to your feedback and are lowering the number of placement matches needed to be assigned into a League from 10 to 5.


Season 1 will feature rewards such as a Silver Weapon token and an exclusive Season 1 profile icon representing the highest league reached during play. Players who received the end of Beta Season 0 Silver Weapons will be able to earn a new set. So jump in, complete those placement matches, and dominate those leagues!

Boss Leagues Season 1

Begins: December 14, 2017 5am PT / 8am ET / 2pm CET

Ends: February 8, 2018 5am PT / 8am ET / 2pm CET


  • 5 placement matches needed for League assignment (as opposed to Season 0's 10)

End of Season Rewards:

  • Silver weapon skin token (unlocks Silver Weapons for a Role of the player's choosing)

  • Season 1 profile icon relative to highest League reached


To celebrate the start of Season 1, we’re bringing back the Boss Leagues Bash! This will be the night to queue for Boss Leagues and get your placement matches started with the competitive community!


Boss Leagues Bash

December 16, 2017
OCE: 8pm AEST (2am PT / 5am ET)
EU: 8pm CET (11am PT/ 2pm ET)
NA: 5pm PT / 8pm ET (Dec 14 2am CET)


And of course to prepare for the upcoming season, we’re organizing a pre-season practice night! Queue into Quick Match to practice with the community and hone your skills before jumping into Boss Leagues Season 1.


Pre-Season Practice Night
December 13, 2017
OCE: 8pm AEST (2am PT / 5am ET)
EU: 8pm CET (11am PT/ 2pm ET)
NA: 5pm PT / 8pm ET (Dec 14 2am CET)


See you in-game!


- The LawBreakers Team