Reveals at The Game Awards


Did you catch the LawBreakers reveals at The Game Awards? We premiered our newest trailer and made some big announcements. From a sneak-peek at a couple of brand-new characters to glimpse at a never-before-seen map, we wanted to give everyone a taste of what we’re going to showcase in 2017.

New Role and Map Revealed in The Game Awards Trailer


See death get delivered from every angle in the latest gameplay trailer from LawBreakers, which reveals a brand new map and a killer new role.

Gravity Defying Maps


LawBreakers Maps will make you rethink what works in a shooter, incorporating large areas of open and vertical space. Gone are the days of moving through and camping the same narrow hallways just to get around.

Alpha 3 Test lets you fight in the new Santa Monica Promenade Map!


The team is thrilled to have you test our new Santa Monica Promenade map this weekend! Located on Santa Monica Island in the new California Keys, this popular tourist destination surrounded by gravity-defying skyscrapers turns into chaos whenever forces from the Law and the Breakers clash.

Gravity Induced Chaos - Gravity's Impact on Modes, Maps, and More!


With a diverse array of gravity-defying maps, highly competitive game modes, and unique abilities, LawBreakers is designed to shatter your notion of what it means to be a multiplayer first-person shooter.

A World Reimagined – LawBreakers Game Info


LawBreakers is a highly-competitive multiplayer first-person shooter focused around guns, gravity, and a dizzying array of fresh new gameplay mechanics brought to you by industry veteran Cliff Bleszinski and the experienced team of developers at Boss Key Productions.