Modes that Matter


Game modes are fast-paced, sports-inspired and cut-throat. Moments of intense drama and clutch last second scores are hallmarks in all LawBreakers modes. You must coordinate with your team to crush the opposition, or be crushed under the weight of superior strategy and skill.

New Turf War Game Mode Is Here!


Turf War is a new fast-paced game mode that brings a whole new dimension to the world of LawBreakers. It’s Domination on steroids.

Alpha Weekend - Play New Turf War Game Mode!


Thousands of players came to check out the new Promenade map earlier this month and we’re excited to follow it up with the release of our new mode, Turf War! Turf War will be the only playable game mode this weekend, pitting the Law against the Breakers in a frantic race to capture zones across the map, lock them down, and score a point to gain the upper-hand.

Prepare for LawBreakers - Dev Tutorial Vids Are Here!


Are you ready to fight gravity? Watch these excellent tutorial videos from the LawBreakers Devs before you jump into the fight.

Gravity Induced Chaos - Gravity's Impact on Modes, Maps, and More!


With a diverse array of gravity-defying maps, highly competitive game modes, and unique abilities, LawBreakers is designed to shatter your notion of what it means to be a multiplayer first-person shooter.

A World Reimagined – LawBreakers Game Info


LawBreakers is a highly-competitive multiplayer first-person shooter focused around guns, gravity, and a dizzying array of fresh new gameplay mechanics brought to you by industry veteran Cliff Bleszinski and the experienced team of developers at Boss Key Productions.